If you want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the horse’s mouth, read my book. It’s opened a few wounds, made some people grin, and shone a light into the goings on behind the curtains, in the dressing rooms and between the sheets of the short and stylish, and the famous and the infamous!

If you don’t know who the Bump Band is, or who the Small Faces and Faces are, then you’ll have to read my book. It’ll tell you anything you need to know about anybody you’d want to know anything about, like the ones in the book that you can read about… in the book “It’s been a life stuffed with tales of naughtiness and this chunky memoir coughs them up with relish…

"McLagan’s penned a chirpy insider’s portrait of some crazy times and even crazier people.” PETER KANE, Q

In ALL THE RAGE keyboard genius Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan… has turned his own rock ‘n’ roll odyssey… into one of the best music books in years.” JAMES O’BRIAN, London Express

Published in hardback in the UK by MACMILLAN in November of 1998, ‘All The Rage’ started as a collection of remembered funny stories which then developed into an account of my life: As I looked back in time, doors seemed to open on all sides and memories came flooding into my head. That old chestnut, ‘If you remember the sixties, you weren’t actually there,’ is a lot of old codswallop!

Whether writing about my childhood summer holidays in Ireland, art school days in Twickenham, first band The Muleskinners’ revelatory gigs with blues legends Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson and Little Walter, or big-time Small Faces, Faces, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan tours, I’ve definitely been around the block a few times and met some very colourful people.

PAN published it in paperback in the UK in 2000 and are already on the second printing. I updated the last chapter, added stories, oiled the brakes, watered the plants, corrected mistakes, fixed the index and put together a thoroughly detailed discography that was already out of date before it got to print, but check my discography page now!

BILLBOARD BOOKS published it in large format paperback in USA & Canada, and the fact that my name is spelled wrong in the index must surely make it a collectors item…

Now published in the UK for worldwide distribution. I wrote ‘All The Rage’ over a two and a half year period in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hounslow, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Romania, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the USA, on planes, trains and buses, in airport terminals, hotel rooms and dressing rooms, bathrooms, toilets and pissholes, on tour, on vacation and at home near beautiful Austin, Texas, USA.

                                         All The Rage by Ian McLagan

                                         All The Rage by Ian McLagan

        These are authentic quotes:

  • Howlin’ Wolf:”My boys.”
  • Noel Gallagher:”As a musician you hope maybe to be part of one great band in your lifetime. Ian McLagan was in two!! (The jammy bastard!!!)
  • Ronnie Wood:”What #@?&ing book? You never said anything about writing a book, did you? I don’t remember that. It’s just as well you are, because I wouldn’t remember a bloody thing!”
  • Bonnie Raitt:”All any of us has to do is think of Mac and a big grin spreads across our face. His brilliance as a keyboard player is as legendary as his hilarious sense of humor and wit. I’ve loved his playing since his days with The Faces and The Stones and still can’t believe my good fortune to have gotten to play with him for a while in the eighties. If I could pick one pair of eyes through which to see that whole rock and roll era from the sixties on… It would definitely be Mac’s.

         Now I wouldn’t dream of arguing with Bonnie, but

         maybe you can judge for yourself.    


          Have a look, have a laugh, have a listen!

          All the best, Mac