Discography of Ian P McLagan              


Year/Artist                   Title/s                                                                     Label


Muleskinners                Backdoor Man / Need Your Lovin                            Fontana


Small Faces                 Sha -La-La-La-Lee / Grow Your Own                        Decca

Small Faces                 Hey Girl / Almost Grown                                            Decca

Small Faces                 All Or Nothing / Understanding                                 Decca

Small Faces                 My Mind's Eye / I Can't Dance With You                    Decca

Small Faces                 Small Faces                                                                Decca


Small Faces                I Can't Make It / Just Passing                                     Decca

Small Faces                Patterns / E To D                                                         Decca

Small Faces                Here Comes The Nice / Talk To You                          Immediate

Small Faces                Itchycoo Park / I'm Only Dreaming                            Immediate

Small Faces                Tin Soldier / I Feel Much Better                                  Immediate

Small Faces                Tin Soldier (US)                                                          Immediate

Small Faces                Lazy Sunday / Rollin' Over                                          Immediate

Small Faces                The Universal / Donkey Rides A Penny A Glass        Immediate

Small Faces                From The Beginning                                                   Decca

Small Faces                Small Faces                                                                 Immediate


Small Faces                Itchycoo Park (US)                                                     Immediate

Billy Nicholls                Would You Believe                                                     Immediate

P.P. Arnold                  ( If You Think You're) Groovy                                     Immediate

Johnny Hallyday         Rivere Ouvre Ton Lit                                                  Frog Records

Small Faces                There are But Four Small Faces (US)                         Immediate

Small Faces                Ogden's Nut Gone Flake                                            Immediate

Small Faces                Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (US)                                    Immediate


Small Faces                Afterglow / Wham Bam, Thank You Ma'am                Immediate

Small Faces                The Autumn Stone                                                      Immediate

Rod Stewart               An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down                Mercury

           AKA Thin


Faces                          Flying / Three Button Hand Me Down                        WarnerBros

Faces                          Had Me A Real Good Time / Rear Wheel Skid          Warner Bros

Faces                          First Step                                                                     Warner Bros

AKASmall Faces in US

Rod Stewart                It's All Over Now / Jo's Lament                                  Vertigo

Rod Stweart                Gasoline Alley                                                             Mercury


Marsha Hunt               Woman Child Track

Faces                          Stay With Me / You're So Rude                                    Warner Bros

Faces                          Long Player                                                                  Warner Bros

Faces                          A nod Is As Good As A Wink... To Blind Horse           Warner Bros

Rod Stewart                Reason To Believe / Maggie May                                Mercury

Rod Stewart                Every Picture Tells A Story                                           Mercury


Pete Townshend         I am                                                                             Universal Spiritual League                                                                                                                   

Juicy Lucy                  Pieces                                                                           Polydor

Chuck Berry               The London Chuck Berry Sessions                             Chess

Faces                          Maybe I'm Amazed / Oh Lord I'm Browned Off         Warner Bros

Rod Stewart                You Wear It Well / Lost Paraguayos                            Mercury

Rod Stweart                Never A Dull Moment                                                 Mercury


Faces                           Dishevelment Blues/Borstal Boys/

                                     Silicone Grown/Ooh La La                                        Warner Bros/NME                            

Faces                          Cindy Incidentally / Skewiff(Mend The Fuse)              Warner Bros

Faces                          Cindy Incidentally / Memphis / Stay With Me /

           Pool Hall Richard                                                        Warner Bros

Faces                          Pool hall Richard /I Wish It Would Rain

            (With A Trumpet)                                                        Warner Bros          

Faces                          Various Artists- Reading Festival                                GM

Faces                          Ooh La La                                                                   Warner Bros

Rod Stewart                Oh No Not My Baby / Jodie                                       Mercury

Muleskinners               Muleskinners E.P                                                        Keepoint

            Why Don't You Write Back /Backdoor Man /

            Untie Me / Need Your Lovin


Faces                          You Can Make Me Dance /As Long As You

Tell Him                                                                       Warner Bros

Faces                           Coast To Coast:Overture And BeginnersWarner       Warner Bros/Mercury

Billy Nicholls                Love Songs                                                                 GM

Ronnie Wood              I Can Feel The Fire / Breathe On Me                          Warner Bros

Ronnie Wood              If You Don't Want My Love / I Got A Feeling              Warner Bros

Ronnie Wood              I've Got My Own Album To Do                                   Warner Bros

Rod Stewart                Farewell/ Bring It On Home to Me/You Send me        Mercury

Rod Stewart                Smiler                                                                           Mercury


Faces                          Snakes And Ladders (Best Of)                                    Warner Bros

Thin Lizzy                    Fighting                                                                        Vertigo

Ted Wood                   Am I Blue / Shine                                                          Penny Farthing

Ronnie Wood              Big Bayou / Sweet Baby Mine                                      Warner Bros

Ronnie Wood              Now Look                                                                    Warner Bros

Rod Stewart                It's All Over Now / Jo's Lament                                    Mercury

Small Faces                The immediate Story Volume 2                                    Immediate


Small Faces                Itchycoo Park                                                                 NEMS

Small Faces                Lazy Sunday                                                                  NEMS

Ronnie Wood

&Ronnie Lane             Mahoneys Last Stand                                                    Atco


Faces                          Stay With Me / Cindy / Memphis /

            You Can Make Me Dance EP                                      Riva

Faces                          The Best of The Faces                                                 Riva

Small Faces 2             Lookin' For A Love / Kayoed (By Luv)                         Atlantic

Small Faces 2             Stand By Me (Stand By You) / Hungry

            And Looking Atlantic

Small Faces 2             Playmates                                                                     Atlantic


Rich Kids                     Ghosts Of Princes In Towers                                       EMI

Rolling Stones             Some Girls                                                                  Rolling Stones

Small Faces 2             Filthy Rich / Over Too Soon                                         Atlantic

Small Faces 2             78 In The Shade                                                          Atlantic


Ian McLagan               Troublemaker                                                             Mercury

Ronnie Wood              Gimme Some Neck                                                    Warner Bros

Carly Simon                Spy                                                                              Electra / Asylum


Ian McLagan               Little Troublemaker / Hold On                                    Mercury

Ian McLagan               La De La / Hold On                                                     Mercury

Ian McLagan               (Little Trouble Maker)

            New Rock New Bands                                                Mercury


Ian McLagan               Little Girl                                                                      Mercury

Ian McLagan               Bump In The Night                                                      Mercury

Renee Geyer              So Lucky                                                                       Mushroom

Rolling Stones             Sucking In The Seventies                                            Rolling Stones

Ronnie Wood              1234                                                                              Warner Bros


Bonnie Raitt                Green Light                                                                  Warner Bros

Rolling Stones             Still Life                                                                        Rolling Stones


Gary Panter                Pray For Smurph                                                         Overheat


Bob Dylan                   Real Live                                                                      CBS

Bonnie Raitt                Tongue and Groove                                                    Warner Bros


Ian McLagan               Last Chance To Dance (EP)                                      Greenworld

Stray Cats                   Let's Go Faster                                                          Toshiba / EMI


Bernie Larsen              Cry On Cue                                                                RCI

Jackson Browne         Lives In The Balance                                                  Electra / Asylum

John Eddie                  John Eddie                                                                 CBS

Bonnie Raitt                Nine Lives                                                                   Warner Bros


Marsha Hunt               Walk On Gilded Splinters                                           See For Miles

The Textones              Cedar Creek                                                               Enigma

John Goodwin             Behind The Palace Walls                                           HeartLine


Broken Homes            Straight Line Through Time                                        MCA

Cry On Cue                  Rhythm Of Life                                                            Spinout

Georgia Satellites        Open All Night Elektra / Asylum

             Pontiac Brothers Johnson                                          Frontier


Georgia Satellites        In The Land Of Salvation And Sin                              Elektra

Steel Magnolias          Movie Soundtrack                                                       Polydor

Little Women               Pretty Wiped Out                                                         Outerspace

Lions and Ghosts        Wild Garden                                                                EMI


Bruce Springsteen      Viva Las Vegas (Last Temptation Of Elvis)                 NME

Dogs                            D'Amour Straight??!!                                                  China

Michael Anderson       Michael Anderson                                                      A&M

Carla Olson &

Mick Taylor                 "Live" / Too Hot For Snakes                                       Demon

Casino Steel                Casino Steel                                                              Sonet Steel


Joe Cocker                 Night Calls                                                                   Capitol

Paul Kelly                    Wanted Man                                                                 White

Warren Zevon w/        (Casey Jones)

David Lindley              Deadicated                                                                  Arista

Bonnie Raitt                Luck Of The Draw                                                        Capitol

Flies On Fire               Outside Looking Inside                                                Atco


Ronnie Wood              Show me / Breathe On Me                                         Continuum

Ronnie Wood              Slide On This                                                              Continuum

Bruce Springsteen      Human Touch / Lucky Town                                       Columbia

Izzy Stradlin                Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds                          Geffen

Jaime Kyle                  The Passionate Kind                                                    Atco

The Sextants               Lucky You                                                                    Imago

Melissa Etheridge       Never Enough                                                             Island

BuffyThe Vampire

Slayer                          Movie Soundtrack                                                      CBS

Miracle Legion            Drenched Morgan                                                       Creek

Hanoi Rocks               Jerusalem Slim                                                            Mercury

Arc Angels                  Arc Angels                                                                   Geffen

Ronnie Wood              Countdown To Midnight                                              Coast2Coast

Ronnie Wood              Slide On This Live (Plugged In And Standing)            Continuum

Taj Mahal                    Dancing On the Blues                                                   Private Music

Crash Vegas               Stone                                                                            Polygram

TV In Flames              Drool                                                                             Reprise

Melissa Etheridge       Yes I Am                                                                        Island

Carla Olson                 Within An Ace                                                               Demon

Sand Rubies               Sand Rubies                                                                  Atlas

Brian Joens                 Omaha                                                                          House

Paul Westerberg         14 Songs                                                                        Sire

Buddy Guy                  Feels Like Rain                                                              Silvertone


Ian McLagan &           (Pictures Of Lily)

The Bump Band          Who Covers Who                                                        Rip Off Records

Idha Ovelius                Melody Inn                                                                   Creation

Lee Rocker                 Lee Rocker's Big Blue                                                   Black Top

Carla Olson                 Reap The Whirlwind                                                     WaterMelon

Otis Rush                    Ain't Enough Comin' In                                                 Quicksilver

Idha Ovelius                Get Undressed                                                            Creation

Michael Fracasso       When I Lived In The Wild                                              Bohemia Beat


Art Wood                     Moneydue                                                                   Nippon Crown

Marcia Ball Band

w Ian McLagan           Various Artists Vol 6                                                    107.1 KGSR

Pat McLaughlin           Get Out and Stay Out                                                   Dos

Carla Olson                 Wave Of The Hand                                                      WaterMelon

Art Wood                     Quiet Melon                                                                 Lost Moment

Chris Gaffney               Loser's Paradise                                                         Hightone

Rod Stewart                Handbags And Gladrags                                            Polygram

Walter Tragert             Heavy Just The Same                                                  Club de Musique

Syn                              A Matter Of Time                                                         Mystery

Rod Stewart                Handbags And Gladrags                                            Polydor


Ian McLagan &           ( La De La )

The Bump Band          The Faces-All Shapes And Sizes                               Connoisseur

Lenny McDaniel          Bad For Me                                                                 Renegade

Sarah Brown               Sayin' What I'm thinkin'                                                Blind Pig

Wycham Porteous      Looking For Ground                                                   Bohemia Beat

Michael Moore            Peace Of Mind                                                           Unknown

Calvin Russell             Dream Of The Dog                                                     Last Call

Charlie Burton             Charlie Burton & The Texas 12 Steppers                   Lazy S.O.B

Caroline Wonderland

& Imperial Monkeys    Bursting With Flavour                                                 Justice

Ronnie Lane                You Never Can Tell(BBC Sessions)                             NMC


Ian McLagan &           (Hello Old Friend)

The Bump Band          (KGSR Broadcasts) Vol 6                                           107.1 KGSR

Bruce Springsteen      Tracks                                                                         Columbia

Troy Dillinger &

Del Dragons                Crazy About Tori                                                       Stinky Derringer

Hurricane#1                Only The Strongest Will Survive                                  Creation

John Hiatt                    The Best Of John Hiatt                                               Capitol

Robert Earl                  Keen Walking Distances                                              Arista

Ronnie Lane                Mahoney's Last Stand                                                 NMC

Ronnie Wood              Slide On Live                                                                BMG

Ronnie Wood              Wood On Canvas

CD Insert In RW's Book, 'Every Picture Tells A Story' Genesis


Faces                          Good Boys ....When They're Asleep                            Warner / Rhino

Faces                          Changing Faces                                                           Universal/Warners

Pete Townshend         Avatar                                                                          Universal Spiritua League

Toni Price                    Low Down And Up                                                      Antones

Van Wilks                    Koko's Hideaway                                                         Texas

Billy Bragg &

The Blokes                  Mermaid Avenue Tour                                                 Billy Bragg

RainRavens                Rose Of Jericho                                                             Blue Rose

DumpTruck                 Terminal Devil                                                               In The Woods

Billy Nicholls                Snapshot                                                                      Southwest

David Lindley &

El Rayo-                      Ex El Rayo-X Live!!                                                        Badgerman

Lance Keltner              Empty                                                                           V Provogue

Paul Weller                  Modern Songs                                                             Green Mint

Taj Mahal                    Blue Light Boogie                                                         Private Music

Hanoi Rocks               Life Gets You Dirty                                                        Unknown

E.G.Dally                    Tearing Down The Walls                                                Larceny

Small Faces                The Darlings Of Whapping Wharf Launderette            Immediate

-The Immediate Antholgy Sequel / Castle

Ian McLagan &           Maniac / Gadfly/ Best Of British                                   Dreamsville AKA Turn Faces/

The Bump Band                                                                                              Hypertension                                                                                                     

Slad Cleaves              Broke Down                                                                 Rounder / Philo

Gurf Morlix                  The Toad of Titicaca                                                    Catamount

Ron Flynt &

The Bluehearts            Big Blue Heart                                                             Ya Ya

Freud Marx Engels

& Jung                         Hittihokkeli                                                                  Megamania

Ronnie Wood              Live and Eclectic                                                          Burning Airlines

The Leroi Brothers      Kings Of The Catnap                                                   Rounder

Nancy Falkow             Smitten                                                                         Falkow

Jim Whitfotrd              Poison In The Well                                                        Whitford

One Fell Swoop          Crazy Time                                                                   Brambus

Ronnie Lane                Live In Austin                                                               Sideburn

Small Faces                BBC Sessions Strange Fruit                                          Fuel 2000

Small Faces                Nice                                                                               Burning Airlines


Ian McLagan &           (In Concert DVD)

The Bump Band          Ian McLagan & The Bump Band                                In - Akustik

Tarika Soul                  Makassar                                                                    Sakay

Mandy Mercier           Wild Dreams Of The Shy Boys                                    Wild Cantinas

30 Odd Foot

Of Grunts                    Bastard Life or Clarity                                                 Gruntland

Carl Carlton &

The Songdogs             Revoultion Ave                                                           EMI

Billy Bragg &

The Blokes                  Brand New Boots And Panties                                   East Central One

Tom Russell                Borderland                                                                   Hightone

Izzy Stadlin                  River                                                                            Sanctuary

Toni Price                    Midnight Pumpkin                                                        Antones

Ray Wylie                   Hubbard Eternal And Lowdown Philo /                        Rounder

Robert Earl                  Keen Gravitational forces                                             Lost Highway

Beaver Nelson            Undisturbed                                                                 Black Dog

Rare Family Songs Of

Woody Guthrie            Daddy-O Daddy                                                          Rounder

Mark Nevin                 The Mighty Dove                                                          Raresong

Ronnie Wood              Not For Beginners                                                        SPV

Small Faces                Absolutely The Best                                                      Fuel 2000


Ian McLagan &           (What'cha Gonna Do About It)                                     Small Faces

The Bump Band          Our Way Of Giving                                                       Childrens Charity

Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          Guitar Player Magazine-Insert CD Guitar Player

Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          Bump In The Night                                                      Maniac

Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          The Roost The Roost                                                  RPT

Billy Bragg &

The Blokes                  Delicatessen                                                               Cooking Vinyl

Carl Carlton &

The Songdogs             Love And Respect                                                      SPV

Billy Bragg &

The Blokes                  Born To Run 2003                                                      Uncut Magazine

Judd Newcombe        Turbinado                                                                    Freedom

30 Odd Foot

Of Grunts                    Other Ways Of Speaking                                             Artemis

Bob Dylan                   Live At The Sportspaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam - 4th June 1984 Australian Bootleg

Billy Bragg &

The Blokes                  Light Of Day                                                               Buffalo

Billy Bragg                   Must I Paint You A Picture? Essential                         Cooking Vinyl

McKay Brothers          McKay Brothers                                                          Texas Archipelago

Robert Earl Keen        Farm Fresh Onions                                                     Audium / Koch

Ryan Adams               Love Is Hell Part 1( EP )                                              Lost Highway

Bruce Springsteen      The Essential Bruce Springsteen                               Sony

Small Faces                Ogden's Nut Gone Flake                                            Fuel 2000

Small Faces                Ultimate Collection                                                      Sanctuary UK /



Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          Rise & Shine!                                                             Maniac/Gaff Music/


 Ian McLagan &           (Warm Rain)

The Bump Band          Soul On Fire Compilation DVD                                  In - Akustik

Ian McLagan &           (Wedding Day)

The Bump Band          Por Vida:The Songs Of Alejandro Escovedo Or Music

Ian McLagan &           (You're So Rude)

The Bump Band          KGSR Broadcasts Vol 12                                            107.1 KGSR

Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          Bump Live                                                                   Maniac

Faces 4CD Box Set    Five Guys Walk Into A Bar....                                         Warner / Rhino

The Blues Band          Be My Guest                                                                 BGO

Jeff Plankenhorn        Plank                                                                            Blue Corn

Slaid cleaves               Wishbones                                                                  Rounder / Philo

Patty Griffin                Impossible Dream                                                        ATO

Nikki Sudden              Treasure Island                                                           Rookwood

Even                            Free Kicks                                                                   El Reno

Percy Sledge              My Old Friend The Blues                                             Varese Saraband

David Lindley &

El Rayo Ex                  Reggae On The River                                                  Ras /Sanctuary

Rolling Stones             Jump Back '71 - '93                                                     Virgin / EMI

Ryan Adams               Love Is Hell                                                                  Lost HighWay

Small Faces                All Or Nothing-Giants Of Rock(Mail On Sunday)          Universal


Ian McLagan &           (Something To Look Forward To)

The Bump Band          Big Sweet Life-The Songs Of Jon Dee Graham         Freedom

Ian McLagan &           (Date With An Angel)

The Bump Band                                                                                              Juvenile Diabetes Research

                                                                                                                         Foundation International

Alejandro Escovedo    Castenets

w/ Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          KGSR Broadcasts Vol 13                                              107.1 KGSR

Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          Here Comes Trouble                                                    Maniac

Ray Wylie Hubbard    Delerium Tremelos                                                        Philo / Rounder

Ernie Noad                  Shoes                                                                           HomeSweetHome

Bad English                 When I See You Smile                                                  Sony

Mary Gauthier             Mercy Now                                                                   Lost Highway

Shannon McNally       Geronimo                                                                      Back Porch

Jud Newcomb            Byzantine                                                                       Curium

The Jones Gang         Any Day Now                                                                AAO

The Volares                 Godvertising                                                                 XIV Entertainment

Small Faces                Immediate Album Collection                                         Sanctuary


Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          Spiritual Boy                                                                Maniac

Patty Hurst Shifter       Too Crowded On The Losing End                              EVO

Roger West &

The Ones To Watch    Retablo                                                                        RWM

Fred Mullins                Too Few To Mention                                                    Hisown

Frank Black                Fast Man Raider Man                                                   EMI

Robyn Hitchcock        Ole Tarantula                                                               YepRoc

Buddy Guy                  Can't QuitThe Blues                                                    Silvertone

Ronnie Wood              Anthology - The Essential Crssexion                          EMI

Small Faces                40th Anniversary Edition                                              Decca / Universal

Small Faces                (Long Ago And Worlds Apart)                                     Mojo Psych Out!

            Mojo Magazine


Ian McLagan &           (Date With An Angel)                                                  Austin Convention

The Bump Band          Austin Music Vol 6                                                     Visitors Bureau

Ian McLagan & (Spiritual Babe)

The Bump Band          KGSR Broadcasts Vol15                                             107.1 KGSR

Faces                          2 CD Set The Definitive Rock Collection                    Warner / Rhino

Lucinda Williams         Car Wheels On A Gravel Road Deluxe Edition           Lost Highway

Gfire                            Triangle                                                                       Gulabi

The Star Spangles      Dirty Bomb                                                                  TIC

Patty Griffin                 Children Running Through                                          ATO

The Donettes              Hello Baby                                                                  Donnettes

Billy Bragg                   Johnny Clash                                                              Uncredited

Coronet Blue               Welcome To The Arms Of Forever                             Laughing Outlaw

The First Barbarians   Live From Kilburn                                                        Wooden Records

New Barbarians          Buried Alive                                                                 ROKE

Ian McLagan &           (Never Say Never)

The Bump Band          A Proper Taste Of Music                                            Proper

Ian McLagan &           Something To Look Forward To CD/DVD

The Bump Band          Big Sweet Life-The Songs Of Jon Dee Graham Freedom

Ian McLagan &                                                                                               Maniac

The Bump Band          Never Say Never Proper ( Europe)

Patty Griffin                Live From The Artists Den                                            DVD ATO

Billy Bragg                   Mr Love And Justice                                                   Cooking Vinyl

Jenny Reynolds          Next To You                                                                  Unknown

James McMurty         Just Us Kidds                                                                 Lightning Rod

Marcia Ball                  Peace,Love & BBQ                                                       Alligator

Patty Griffin                Live From The Artists Den                                            CD ATO

Carla Olson &

Mick Taylor                 Too Hot For Snakes                                                   Collectors Choice

Steven Markus

Bernstein                     Distant Sky                                                                 Own

Maggie Walters           Midwestern Hurricane                                                Unknown

Colin Boyd                  Shine                                                                           Happy Cat

The Whistle Stop         The Whistle Stop Southern Brethren                          Apex

Paul Weller                  Paul Weller At The BBC CD/DVD                                BBC


Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          Never Say Never 2:59 (North America)

The Respectables       Sweet Mama                                                              Universal Canada

The Weirdo Deluxe     The Silver Key                                                             Vari Tone

James McMurtry        Live In Europe                                                             Lightning Rod

The Novaks                Things Fall Apart                                                         Sonic

Buddy Guy                  Greatist Hits CD/DVD                                                 Jive

John Mayer                 Battle Studies                                                              Sony


Ronnie Wood              I Feel Like Playing                                                      Eagle

Amy Annelle               The Cimarron Banks                                                  High Plains Sigh

Carla Olson                 Reap The Whirlwind                                                   Watermalon

Genya Ravan              Undercover                                                                Collectables


Warren Haynes           Man In Motion                                                            Stax/Concord

Robyn Ludwick           Out Of These Blues                                                    Late Show

Michael Grimm           Michael Grimm                                                           Sony / Epic

Scotty Alan                 Wreck And The Mess                                                 Spinout

Peter Baldrachi           Tomorrow Never Knows                                            Prodigal Son

Bronwynne Brent        Deep Black Water                                                      Unknown

Faces                          Stay With Me: The Faces Antholgy                            Rhino

Chelle Rose                Ghost Of Browder                                                      Holer Lil' Damsel

Peter Baldrachi           Back To The Start                                                      Prodigal Son

Mark Hughes              Rogues Gallery                                                          Unknown


BP Fallon &

The Bandits                 Still Legal                                                                     Vibrasonic

Tony Scalzo                My Favourite Year                                                      East Liberty

AJ Downing                Good Day                                                                   Own

Hannah Lindroth

True Hermaphrodite

Patricia Vonne

Sam Beam

Steve Poltz


Ian McLagan &

The Bump Band          United States                                                              Yep Roc

The Empty Hearts      The Empty Hearts                                                       429 Records

Jennifer Nettles           That Girl                                                                      Mercury Nashville

Lucinda Williams         Down Where The Spirit meets The Bone

Ian 'Mac' Mclagan

Ian 'Mac' Mclagan