Bump In The Night - Ian McLagan

This is Mac’s second solo album, and the first Bump Band record, as the band was formed prior to this taping. Recorded at the Shangri-La studio made famous by The Band’s movie, ‘The Last Waltz’, and now owned by Rick Rubin, this album rocks, and features ‘Little Girl’, ‘Judy Judy Judy’, ‘Boy’s Gonna Get It’ and the soulful ‘So Lucky.’

Bump In The Night was released in 1981 on Mercury Records. Mac formed the first edition of The Bump Band for the recording of this album.
Ian McLagan: Vocals, keyboards & guitar, Johnny Lee Schell: guitars & vocals, Ricky Fataar: drums, piano, percussion, bass & vocal, Ray Ohara: bass). The album is harder-edged than McLagan’s others, with less emphasis on keyboards and more on guitars. As on his debut, his former bandmate Ron Wood appears as does saxophonist Bobby Keys. The album was McLagan’s last solo album for nearly twenty years, though he released a four song EP, Last Chance to Dance on vinyl and cassette on Barking Dog Records in 1985.

Released January, 1981 on Mercury Records. Remastered and re-released with original artwork on Maniac Records in 2003

Produced by Rob Fraboni

Track listing

All tracks composed by Ian McLagan; except where indicated

1. Little Girl (3:03) (Ian McLagan/Ron Wood)

2. Alligator 

3. If It’s Lovin’ You Want (3:34) (Ian McLagan/Johnny Lee Schell)

4. Casualty

5. Told a Tale on You (3:07) (Ian McLagan/Ricky Fataar/Johnny Lee Schell/Ray Ohara)

6. Judy, Judy, Judy

7.  So Lucky

8. Rebel Walk

9. Not Running Away (3:45) (Ian McLagan/Ricky Fataar/Rob Fraboni)

10. Boy’s Gonna Get It


  • Ian McLagan: Vocals, organ, piano & guitars
  • Johnny Lee Schell: Guitars & vocal
  • Ricky Fataar: Drums, piano, bass, percussion & vocal
  • Ray Ohara: Bass


  • Ronnie Wood: Guitar & bass (1)
  • Renee Geyer: Backing vocal (7)
  • Bobby Keys: Tenor saxophone (9)